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The Pattern Grid



 "I wouldn't sell a machine without the grid" 


Judy Allen - Watertown, NY

Teacher, APQS Rep, Author, and Pattern Designer

Today I used The PatternGrid to quilt the side borders of a small quilt.  How nice to be able to quilt four borders without turning the quilt! 

Thanks for developing The PatternGrid.  It's a wonderful new tool for Long-arm Quilters!


Karen Thompson

Poppy Court Machine Quilting
Newtown, PA

The PatternGrid is a must have in every long-armer�s toolbox.  I have been using mine for the past 5 months now and I don�t know how I got along without it. 

I wasn�t very creative when it came to doing my own designs, but now I can draw my original border designs directly on The PatternGrid and know that the height and width are even and proportional to the quilts border.

I now enjoy doing intricate designs on my computer, printing several copies, and laying them out under the see through grid.  This allows me to mix and match various patterns and make unique quilting patterns for my most fussy customers.

The PatternGrid saves me time, which in turn translates into dollars into my pocket.  The less time I spend laying out my quilting patterns, the more quilts I can do in a week.  The payback is quick and it keeps paying back time and time again. 


Michelle Scordos

Hughesville, MD 

I purchased 3 PatternGrids last fall at Innovations in Seattle, WA after seeing it demonstrated by the Colorado Quilting Company.  I have taped the PatternGrids down over the old plastic on all 3 of my long-arms and find them fantastic for my pattern quilting, training classes and long-arm rentals.  I can quickly set up a pattern by placing it underneath the grid, square up the bottom and sides and draw my references for lining up to ensure even spacing between my rows.  Instead of "fudging" the edges of a pattern to make it fit, I draw in the section with the wet erase marker using the grid lines to keep my drawing even.  Then I just follow my "customized" pattern and all of my patterns on my quilts turn out nice and even.  The wet-erase marker works great for drawing, wipes off easily with water and will not rub off onto your quilts. The PatternGrid also allows you to draw your own custom borders and medallion patterns.  If you come up with a custom design that you like, you can trace it onto plain paper and use it over and over.  The PatternGrid has been an invaluable addition to my shop.  Thank you for sharing this great idea!  


Sue Schmieden

The Quilting Connection

Elkhorn, WI

�I had the opportunity to help 2 of our long-arm machine renters and because we had the grid, it made it very easy.  It�s impressive and it just works!�


Bob Juenemann

Owner of Make It Sew � Broomfield, CO

Nolting and Janome Dealer

�I really like it.  It eases the process a lot and it�s user friendly�.


Lynn Balback

Hayden Lake, ID


 �I find the PatternGrid to be most helpful when the pantograph patterns need to be moved or re-drawn to interlock pattern rows�.


Gail Eamon

 Hidden Valley Quilts and Embroidery

Colorado Springs, CO

�I bless you everyday for The PatternGrid��


Cynthia Lee

Quilting By That Moody Girl

Winnemucca, NV

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